Key Tips for Selling Fast
Owners want to list and close on transactions as soon as they can so they can enjoy retirement, invest in other projects, take a vacation, or do as they please. We have the right tips that will get your listings to the top of the charts and SELL FAST. These tips include but are not limited to: using the market to set a competitive price, negotiating with other brokers and find you a buyer in our network of investors.

How to Price(Residx)
The Miami market can be a tricky one, we know and analyze every day when to buy and when to sell. There’s not a corner of Miami that we don’t know, historically and in actuality and we know what it means fair market price, below fair market price and above fair market price. This will have direct impact in the time of selling and receiving your funds.

Sell and What/How to Buy
Many individuals that list with us want to invest into another project right after selling. We carefully articulate a selling/buying guide and schedule so you can be on top of your investments. Efficiency is key when it comes to buying and selling properties and we will be there guiding you through the whole process. This includes suggesting what to do next, finding you an investments worth the time, and executing when needed.

Cost of Selling
We want you to be fully aware of all the costs when it comes to selling properties. Something as simple as “what are the closing costs?” or “ how much do I pay out in commissions?” can have a huge effect on the sale of a property. The right plan of action is needed, so let us help you find the missing link in the chain!

Taxes that Affect
As a sales transaction takes place, taxes are invited to the party! We plan to make your tax appointment a lot easier when it comes to selling a property and it all starts with the right strategies. Planning for tax purposes should always be taken in account especially during a sale of a property, and we plan to “hold your hand” and inform you of all the tax information you need to know about.

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